World Cup 2014 in Brasil – Google point of view

World Cup in Brazil has begun! Which player will be the star of the tournament and which team will win? We tried to answer these questions by analyzing the World Cup 2014 from Google point of view.

World Cup 2014 Brazil by Google - infographic


Queries related to the World Cup were selected for each football team participating in the tournament. Keywords were analyzed by their types, number of queries, as well as demographics. We also tried to answer the question who will win the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

The biggest amount of queries concerning World Cup are generated in United States – more than 800 000 monthly searches. England finished in second place with more than 650 000 of searches, next is Germany generating almost 500 000 of queries.

The amount of queries concerning World Cup 2014 is systematically growing. It can increase from 8 000 000 searches in May to 76 000 000 in June. Iphone 5s gained 37 200 000 searches in September 2013.

Analyzing the results of the English-speaking queries regarding who will win the World Cup can be deduced that England are predicted to win in Brazil. Full team ranking according to the number of pages indexed on is as follows:

Ranking   Country
1 England
2 Brazil
3 Germany
4 Spain
5 Argentina
6 Nigeria
7 Italy
8 Portugal
10 France
11 Mexico
12 Japan
13 Belgium
14 Australia
15 Algeria
16 Iran
17 Chile
18 Ghana
19 Uruguay
20 Colombia
21 Greece
22 Croatia
23 Costa Rica
24 Cameroon
25 Bosnia And Herzegovina
26 Netherlands
27 Switzerland
28 South Korea
29 Honduras
30 Russia
31 Ecuador
32 Côte D’Ivoire
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